Monday, February 19, 2018

MEGA Construx Heroes - Fry And Bender

Well, these are a thing too. Shortly after the wave which included He-Man and Skeletor, MEGA shocked me again by bringing out Fry and Bender from Futurama.

Philip J Fry. A good likeness and paint. Fry comes with a nameplate stand, a $300 bill (with Nixon's head on it, lol!), and a can of Slurm, highly addictive future Mt. Dew.

Bender Bending Rodriguez. Also good likeness and paint, though how they could really mess up Bender in an appreciable fashion is beyond me. Bender comes with a nameplate stand, a sack of money (presumable ill-gotten), and a can of mom's old fashioned robot oil.

My only gripe with these is the accessories. They just seem uninspired, though I'm hard pressed to name anything more meaningful that could be included. Also, there are only in package shots of these, since these belong to my wife, and opening the packages is at her discretion.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Pre Order Critique - Jungle Joust

So, while I was in the middle of finding the old Jousting Rules my heart had yearned for half of my life, I came, coincidentally, across this little gem of a pre-order.

It's a card game, which is a bit of a snoozer as far as I am concerned, since I prefer miniature, rpg, or board games of some stripe to depict my feats of fictional heroism. But still, the idea of armored knights jousting upon armored rhinoceroses is, simply, glorious!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Halo Mega Bloks - 96923 UNSC Rockethog Vs. Anti Aircraft Gun

Okay, so this is an older set, but it was a really cool one when it came out. Back then my wife was super into LEGo and MegaBloks, I got her this set for a birthday. Then it never got opened, then we went through that pahse of "It's worth a bunch we should probably sell it." Then we hit the "It's not worth a bunch anymore we should probably just keep it."

Then my son saw it and decided he wanted it. So he got it for an early birthday present.

And then he decided he couldn't even progress to the sort parts stage without help every step of the way.

So good news, I got to help him build this over the past three days.

It is an impressive set. Even more considering the time frame and price point. It was a relatively good deal back at release, with much more brick for your buck than you would have got in a comparably priced LEGO brand set.

Though it did come with a banana squad yellow Reach trooper. That irks me because in the blind bag wave at around the same time, these guys were long packed, so I already have something like 8 of them.

But be that as it may, it's a great set.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pre-Order Critique - A Parody Because Nothing I Find Interesting Is Coming Out Soon

Yeah, so I began my weekly search for new stuff to post about this morning. This seems to really be the only fruitful blogging time for me these days, as the new job leaves me pretty drained on workdays.

I am still looking. There's not a lot coming out soon that I care about enough to even make fun of. I'm sorry guys, I got nothing. Really. There's a bunch of Age of Sigmar stuff coming out from GW soon (that's what's in the picture...or not, depending on how you look at it) but GW frankly moved all of their licenses in directions I don't find interesting a while back. And beyond the reach of my wallet even further back.

Still, it's a shame. I used to be able to do this feature once or twice a week, sometimes with multiple topics. Now, I try to force myself to do it once a week, just so I'm posting SOMETHING, and I come up dry. I'm currently trying to decide if this is because I've become a cantankerous curmudgeon who derives enjoyment from nothing, or if this just bodes ill for the wargaming community.

Let me know what you think. Am I a fuddy duddy? Is there something I've missed?

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Pre-order Critique - Shadowrun Sprawl Gangers

Okay, so this one sort of took me by surprise.

Shadowrun Sprawl Gangers. I must abashedly admit to never having played any Shadowrun (this could almost be a 'Great Games I Never Played' post!) but I'm always enthused to see another release from great old FASA franchises.

I found this under the pre-orders section of miniature market, and it looks sort of like a Shadowrun-esque take on Necromunda. It has a scenario booklet, from which players assemble gangs from the different factions to play the missions. Thence, units, tech, magic, and skills are tracked across the campaign.

Consider my interest piqued.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pre-Order Critique - Athak Undead Knight

I've been really pleased in the past with all of my Reaper purchases, including the Bones Line, which some people have reported as being of...uneven quality.

While I have no reason to doubt these reports, as I've said, I have always been pretty happy. So when I see something like Athak here, it makes me all warm and fuzzy. Because I look at this miniature, and you know what I see? The Chaos Knights from Heroquest. Throw on a bat ear helm, a sreaming face shield, and an improbably long handled mace, and this is the Heroquest villain for a new generation!

I can't wait to get my hands on some of these.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Pre-Order Critique - Sloppity Bilepiper

Okay, so I used to kind of like Nurgle stuff back when I played 40k.

So, of course, now that I don't play or buy GW stuff anymore, they go ahead and make a Nurgle Daemon who plays bagpipes made from a torso. No spellchecker, I meant what I typed. That's bagpipes made from a torso.

Really, there's not much more going on with this guy, though I suppose a flail made of a plaguebearer head wearing a spiked jester hat is reasonably amusing.