Saturday, July 22, 2017

LEGO 75167 - Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack

Hey, it's an army builder pack with figures that don't Well, it's the thought that counts. Because the bounty hunters don't work together. Whatever. I think everyone my age has a soft spot in their heart for the bounty hunters who appeared for only a few seconds in The Empire Strikes Back, then afterward had a ludicrous amount of back story tacked on.

And this is them. Minus Boba Fett, of course, as well as Zuckuss. Because Boba's been in like a dozen sets already, and, I guess, no one cares about Zuckuss.

Also, and this might come as no surprise to those of you who read the last few posts, but this was from Target, and I got it off the shelf which said "All LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs $9.99."

Of Course it was $16. Why do I even expect otherwise these days.

Still, mispricing shenanigans aside, it is a neat set, and the first economical method of getting a genuine Bossk that I know of (the keychain version doesn't count, as it could not be disassembled).

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Toys For Wargaming - Hotwheels Banished Wraith

Well, since this was a group release, you were bound to figure I had more of these to post. Well here it is. The Wraith. It's in the 'Banaished' scheme from Halo Wars 2, which is a lot like the 'Brute' scheme from Halo 3. Not a coincidence there, I reckon.

Still, if you're going to have alien tanks, I suppose they better be grav vehicles and shoot purple goo, right? This is in a little bit smaller scale than the warthog, but not so much of a difference I'd bother not using them together.

Sorry about the bad pictures on some of these, by the way. I was still annoyed about the price discrepancy when I photographed them, and I didn't even want to go back and take more.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Toys For Wargaming - Halo Hotwheels Warthog

So, after other James tipped me off that these were in stores a while back, I found them, and since they were marked in Target as $3, my wife suggested we get one of each. Imagine my irritation when we got to the car and noticed we had ended up paying $6 each for them.

This has been happening to me a lot at Target lately. If you're buying one thing, it's easy to catch, but since you have to bring your own bags and bag the stuff yourself now in California, it's easy to miss it if you have more than a few items. Annoying.

In any event, these look pretty cool, and should be right at 15mm scale. I think. It's been a while since I really measured such things, but looks right to my eye. Might use them for some wargaming soon.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Goblin Slayer Volume 1 - Light Novel Review

Not to be confused with the free print & play game of the same title. Goblin Slayer is Kumo Kagyu's dark fantasy epic, a 'spoof,' if you will, of the recent crop of rpg-esque fantasy worlds. You know the type. Adventurers with levels or ranks, where they have to shout the name of their ability to use it, and have classes, use guilds. That sort of thing.

Goblin Slayer is not that Light Novel. Instead of the fantasy world playing out like a typical anime or 80s fantasy movie where everyone is altruistic and has noble purpose, people in Goblin Slayer are largely in it for themselves, and the setting is a much darker place than you usually come across. Instead of things working out for the betterment of all, the world is spiraling downward in a circle of decay and neglect. Adventurers, the people who should be protecting the common folk, are avoiding goblin hunting quests because they are hard and don't pay well, leaving villagers in dire peril to the green tide.

When idealistic Priestess becomes an adventurer, and her party of new friends is wiped out by goblins they were under-prepared for, the concerned Guild Receptionist sends her a little timely backup, a medieval version of the Punisher called Goblin Slayer, who is on a lifelong quest to kill every Goblin as revenge for his destroyed village and family. If that sounds pretty dark to you, you've got the gist.


  • Smart Hero - This genre has too few heroes who know what they're about, and Goblin Slayer is certainly one of the prized few. He focuses on the pragmatic instead of the flashy, mercilessly discovering what will work, and discarding everything else on his single minded quest. he'll tell others about how to do his job as well, if they'll listen.
  • Comedy - From reading all of the above, you would think that you couldn't laugh or smile between the front and back cover, but that's simply not true. There are some comedic moments, usually involving Goblin Slayer as the 'straight man,' but these are well chosen, and priceless for their infrequency.
  • Realism - Not sure really how to phrase this better, as a book that has elves, goblins, and magic should not be described as realistic, but this is not a horror movie where you find yourself yelling at the screen "Why don't they get in the car and leave!?!" The options are explained, and the reader rarely is given reason to second guess the characters. Maybe I should call this plausibility?
  • Expy - I found it forgivable, given that the setting is an allegory for tabletop roleplaying games (of the Gygaxian variety), but many of the characters are lifted seemingly straight from games, anime, or other light novels. Like I said, I found it charming (especially Lancer from Fate/Stay Night!), but I could see some people getting annoyed by this quickly.
  • Short - While normal length for a light novel, this is a quick read. Add on that only two volumes are in English currently, and you will be wanting more before you know it.
I'm not sure where this falls on my continuity of light novel interests. I enjoyed it because it's along the same vein as other dark fantasy series I have enjoyed, like Overlord and Dungeon Defense. Unlike those two, however, Goblin Slayer is the good guy, at least from a certain point of view. It's nice to see that heroes can still be represented in a 'Not everyone is an idiot' fashion, instead of just villains. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Wants - Santa Alter

Soooooo, this happened.

There's a pre-order for a statue of Saber Alter. I'm not going to buy it. Really, I'm not. I want to, but there's a reason I won't. Seriously guys. I'm not buying this.


I'll keep an eye out for this from my guy in Hong Kong, because if he gets it, I can likely afford it, but as a main market release, it's outside my price range. Plus as much as I love me some Santa Alter, it's seriously her pose from the in game art, so I feel like I already have it, as I have a mega high resolution desktop background of this already.

So, I'm not buying it. I swear.

But as an aside, look how many tags apply for this. Seriously.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Star Wars Rebels - Sabine Wren - More Birthday Backloggery

Yeah, so my kids got me this for my Birthday in April. Because, I like Star Wars, and I like Mandalorians. And even though I never watched Rebels, I wholeheartedly approve of Sabine.

It's a pretty decent figure. It's done in the cartoon style, which doesn't bother me any, as I have several Clone Wars figures it will fit in nicely with, and I have long said the style translates very well to the 3.75" figures. Her helmet is removable, without being grossly oversize, nor is her head tiny. Her pistols fit her hands, and they also fit her holsters.

Just a solid, solid fig.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Micro - Builder Raptor

So, at the same time that we got the nano shark, we also got this raptor. I love me some dinosaurs, but according to my Christmas elf that did the assembly, this thing was extra fiddly to put together. Also, a lot of the parts look like they are supposed to move, but do not.

A day after I took the photo, this fell off my desk and smashed into several large chunks, and a few smaller pieces. Unable to locate all of the shrapnel, I gave what was left to my little guy, so he could upgrade his 'robot' made from the leftover pieces from both sets.